Milani Amore Matte Lip Creme | Loved & SweetHeart

I have a problem. I need to get myself clinically treated for being a crazy shopaholic. I cannot afford to spend any more on lipsticks that I really don't need.

But a momentary lapse is all I need to go crazy and buy everything on my wishlist that I'd been resisting myself for months. And I'm not kidding when I say crazy. 
Lets see- 4 Mac lipsticks, 2 colorbar, 2 Milani, 3 Sugar Cosmetics, 2 Essence And these are just the lippies that I bought. I need help!!

Anyhoo taking advantage of my momentary lapse of control and ignoring the fact that I'm literally broke at the start of holiday season.. lets talk about Milani Amore Matte Lip Creme!

These are the first and only products I own from Milani. I've heard about these since forever though. I remember international blogger/ youtubers talk about these few years back. Especially about their foundation and blushes. 

I somehow fixed on these 2 shades I knew I'd wear. 

 I love the packaging! it looks so sleek and good quality. I especially love the wand. It hugs the lips beautifully and the application is very easy with this one. Just one dip is enough for an entire lip application.

Loved:  A beautiful nude with just the right mix of brown and pink undertones. These are the best kinds of nude for Indian skintone.

Sweetheart: A bright poppy barbie pink. Is more brighter in person than in the pic. Has slight neon undertones. Difficult to carry if you're not into super bright pigmented statement lips.

The texture is light and very pigmented from the first application. the above swatches you see is just 1 layer. Smells of cupcakes! It's not one of the most comfortable texture to wear honestly.

Transfer proof and lasts for more than 6 hours provided you avoid super oily food. 
Like most of the ultra matte liquid lipsticks, reapplying is a pain. It's better to remove the whole thing and then re-aplly or else it'll crumble and be patchy.

I've never been a fan of ultra matte liquid lipsticks because of their drying nature since I already have dying lips. So for me this is a pass but if you are still looking for liquid lipstick which is super pigmented and will stay forever and don't mind it being a little dry... go for it.

The pigmentation definitely impressed me. Also it does not emphasize the cracks on lips tooo much. please don't judge by my lipswatch since my lips are extremely dry and chapped.

Price: Rs.1050-1100/- Find it here.