SUGAR Cosmetics | Eye Shadow Quad in ESCAPADE

Sugar Cosmetics has grown fast and popular in no time at all.. and for all the right reasons!
They boast about being free from parabens, D5, oil, mineral oil and nano-ingredients; with best quality possible.

I am a complete fan of the brand and make it a point to try atleast a product (if not more) from every range they come up with.
The lipsticks have to be one of the best formula out there (including the high end brands) and the price and the colour range they have, it's simply ah-mazing!

The indian market sadly does not have good matte eyeshadows. PAC has come up with singles recently. Or else other brands offer entire palette, which have a mix of textures.

When Sugar came up with eyeshadows, it was a no brainer that I had to grab Escapade! All mattes and it looked perfect and totally my type.
For those like me, who aren't into experimenting much with eyeshadows and rely on matte neutral shadows, this one is a dream come true.

Sugar Cosmetics Eyeshadow Quad - Escapade
Sugar Cosmetics Eyeshadow Quad - Escapade
Sugar Cosmetics Eyeshadow Quad - Escapade
Sugar Cosmetics Eyeshadow Quad - Escapade | Swatches
Sugar Cosmetics Eyeshadow Quad - Escapade | Swatches
Price : Rs.699/-

 Firstly the shades! All 4 shades are definitely wearable and more importantly suits indian skintone.

Texture - Buttery soft and quite powdery. The colours show up great on the lids and is buildable as required which is great. Coz for me personally I just like a light wash of colour on my lids for office. And hence I always prefer the buildable ones. Even though these are extreme soft, I haven't faced fall out with the 3 lighter shades I've used. I haven't used the deepest shade on the Bottom Right. So I shall probably update on that later. 
I use myfingers mostly since I only go with one all over colour. But it works just as fine with brushes too.

Top Left - A neutral taupe with slight mauve undertone. A beautiful transition shade. I use this just to neutralise my lids and bring some dimension to my eyes. This shade is very close to my favourite "Brady" from colourpop, with the same slight mauve undertone, only a shade lighter and in powder form. LOVE!
Bottom Left - A coral peach shade. The shade is not as bright on the lips one first application (as compared to the hand swatch) but can be built up, which is a good thing. I love it more as a blush really! (I know you thought of it too!)

Top Right - A pretty plum shade. Quite pigmented. Just a slight soft touch and it gives beautiful pigmentation. But the shade is so that if not applied properly looks like you've been punched!

Bottom Right - An almost black but actually a deep deep plum shade. Haven't tried this shade on the lids yet. Seems like a nice change from the stark black.

To top it off the packaging is smart, sleek, compact, neat and the best part ultra light. A breeze to carry along... even your jeans back pocket if required! This has definitely become my go to travel pallete. The hard plastic ones are really a pain to carry when you already have more than necessary makeup to carry ;)  

I think it's a must buy and another hit from Sugar!

What's your go to look these days?