Colourpop Haul | Blush | EyeShadow

I have subscribed everywhere possible to keep my eyes and ears wide open for whenever Colorpop has free shipping. Fortunately or unfortunately, it only happens twice or so in a year. Fortunately because otherwise, I’d be broke. Unfortunately because it should be available in India at their original prices!!
Anyhoo, needless to say, I love the brand. Such good quality in such affordable prices.
I had promised myself not to get more lippies after my last order (haul and swatches here and here). I did cheat though. Got 1 Liquid Lipstick in satin finish.

So here's the first look...

The texture is almost mousse like which when applied has a light powder finish. It’s a love child of a cream and powder blush. Which is perfect for all weathers. Powder blush don’t last long during summers ‘coz of sweat and excessive wiping of the face. Hence a creamy texture tends to last longer. In winters, the skin is already dry, a cream blush gives a beautiful finish without looking chalky or too dry.

Colourpop Super Shock Cheek - Left: Birthday Suit (Satin) and Right: Holiday (Matte)
Colourpop Super Shock Cheek in 'Birthday Suit' in Satin Finish
Colourpop Super Shock Cheek in 'Holiday' in Matte Finish
Birthday Suit: Satin finish. Had been eyeing this forever! It is THE most natural blush for my skin tone. When I’m out in the hot sun or too cold, I naturally flush to this shade. The shade is so damn natural and blends like a dream. I have always loved using a blush, but for everyday use, I don’t like it to be visible. This one gives a perfect flush to the cheeks which immediately brightens the face and gives a “from within” kinda life to the cheeks.

Holiday: Aptly named. A bright coral shade. Perfect for holidays where you’d want a bright flushed face. This needs to be used with a tender hand. However it blends beautifully.

The texture is again a cross between cream and powder. It spreads and blends beautifully. The colour doesnot appear patchy. It’s just plain beautiful.
Colourpop EyeShadow in 'Brady'
Colourpop Eye Shadow in 'Sequin'

Brady: For everyday office wear, I love using this all over my eye lids. It is a lovely subtle shade just by itself or as a base. Blends beautifully. Stays almost 9-10 hours on me!

Sequin: This one's perfect for night outs and weddings. Has beautiful glitters which are not too chunky. However this does not blend as easily as Brady. Need to work quick with this, coz if it sets it's difficult to blend it. Nonetheless, the shade is gorgeous!
Other than these I also got another liquid lipstick in satin finish in 'Chandelier', a brow pencil in 'brunette' and a free Eye Shadow brush!! Could not click pictures since I didn't have them at the time...